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Be there in Twenty...Dakotastew CHAPTER 2
I had worked with Dakota before,but only for two or three days. I never really got a chance too know her. She just came and breezed through New Moon in this whole dance of poise and grace.Currently,
Me and Dakota was in the lobby,getting ready to go home.


When she came in to the room I was literally frozen in awe at her beauty. I mean sure, I saw her before but never really looked. She was about 5 ft and a couple inches,so she was shorter then me, with
a very petite and lithe frame. Her beautiful blond her was in an unkempt fashion that curled around her shoulders which led to her slender neck,which in turn led me to her face.

Her face is a stunning sight to see but what's truly heavenly about it is her eyes. Those hauntingly cerulean blue eyes that reminded me of some of my worst days. Hence the hauntingly so.

She had walked forward and gave me her greetings. Which I returned like the bumbling idiot that I'm truly am but would never admit it. We had looked each other for a couple of seconds, unsure of what to do until Joan,whom I had nearly forgotten about kindly gave us instructions. She even gave us a demonstration. Thirty minutes later and we were done. Checked out with a nice call you later!!!


That brings me back to now.

Me and Dakota were standing a few feet apart and I was unsure of what the proper thing to do was.
I was trying to think of a rational way to get out of there because I just wanted to go,go go!!!

“Well I guess it was nice seeing you?” Dakota stated when it was really more of a question. I took this time to mentally prepare myself for the unavoidable and meaningless small talk in transition. I was really confused of why I was still here in the first place. I could of ran out the second I was out of that room and paid no heed to the timid young girl.

“Yeah.”I replied gruffly. “Um how did you get her? I mean d-do you have a car or something. I-I ….never mind.” I foolishly stuttered. I could barely get the words out and I undoubtedly looked like I was on something. That may be why Dakota looked at me worriedly. ”I'm sorry if I'm being too nosy.” I finished up.

“It's okay. My mom had dropped me off and told me to call her when I'm done.” Dakota shuffled her Van's clad feet. I really don't know what had possessed me to do something but I just couldn't leave her there. I blame it on latent maternal instincts.

“I could give you a ride if you want? My cars just around the corner.” I trailed off nervously. I set my eyes downcast .

“S-sure!” Dakota said excitedly. “I'll just call me mom in your car.”

We hurried to my car and got in. I started driving to the place Dakota gave me directions to when one of my favorite songs came on the radio. Black sheep-The choice is yours.
“You can get with this or you can get with that”I quietly sang mindful of the other occupant of the car. I was going to be my usual quiet self but the beat got the better of me and I turned up the radio. I kept singing whilst nodding my head like the hamsters from the commercial. The moment got even better when Dakota joined in.

“And this is where it's at.” Dakota finished. We looked at each other and Dakota burst out laughing
I playfully pouted. She rolled her eyes.”Come on,You can not honestly say that wasn't the most ironic thing ever.”

“ It may have been ironic but it was fun as hell!” I replied happily. My voice seemed happier and it may
have just been from the leftover weed I smoke earlier but I was starting to think it was from Dakota.

We drove the rest of the way in easy going chatter. I learned that her favorite color was orange which I guess constitutes with her self-called obsession with Jersey Shore. She in turn learned that my favorite color was gray and favorite animal is the panther. All-in-all it was a good drive.

We arrived at her house and it wasn't a white humungous mansion like I expected one of the best known child stars too live in but it definitely wasn't small either. I stopped in her drive-way and jumped out to open Dakotas door. I must say, I am impressed with my gentlewoman skills.

“Thanks. You know for everything.” She told me. We were very close together now, the front of our bodies almost touching and I could feel everything.

“It's okay. I could never leave a damsel in subtle distress.” I said jokingly. Where have all this come from? I pondered inwardly. Dakotas cheeks were slightly turning scarlet. Who cares! My innate jokester charm is apparently working.

I walked her to her front door and was about to say bye when she did something I wasn't expecting.
She stood up on her tippy toes and leaned forward. My breathing started to quicken up and my hands were sweating in anticipation to what was too come. My lips parted in preparation.

But it never came. Instead she just pecked me on the cheek,slipped a paper into my hand and skipped into the house with a muffled bye over her shoulder. I shook my head and headed back too my car.


It was 11:20 when I stumbled back into my house. Once again tripping over halfway empty boxes that served as furniture,which was something that was becoming routine.

I just got back from a party at a friend-that-really-wasn't-a-friend house. I didn't booze it up or light one up like I usually did. Instead I thought a lot over the events that happened today. To others it wasn't really a big deal but to me it was a breakthrough.

When I saw my ever steady supply of weed and various other illegal substances I picked them up and walked into the bathroom. I looked at the green plant one last time and flushed it. I wouldn't need a comfort drug anymore. I had a new addiction. It was called Dakota Fanning.

To whoever reads this I would really like to know what you think about this story and if I have improved from the first chapter. ---miluvrox


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