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Writer's Block: Trick or treat
Do you plan to dress up this year? If so, who or what are you going to be?

This year i'm going to be a vampire...again. But i'm not just going to be any blood-sucking Dracula, I'm going to be a veggie sparkly no fang Vamp. That's right people,here comes Kia "Plaid" Cullen. The first ever Black Cullen Vamp. I found this website were you can but and customize some really awesome contacts and when I saw that beautiful gold I knew what I was going to be . Sure the eyes cost me 60 buck and 70 for the True Blood fangs but it looks really awesome. I'm going to wear some red stonewashed Tripp pants with a black and purple tight-fitted plaid shirt. Say what you want but in my measly 21 years I've learned not to believe stereotypes. For all of the younger Baby dykes heres some words of wisdom: Chicks dig plaid. That's why my nicknames Plaid.

-Yours Truly,miluvrox


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