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Be there in Twenty...Dakotastew
This is a new story

I dedicate this story to Conejita995  who first gave me the inspiration for this paring.



“I'll be there in twenty.” I said into my phone.

I ran out my apartment door while at the same time buttoning up my shirt. I quickly jumped into my KIA Soul and started it up. I love my car. It's all black but the inside is tan leather. It's small but convenient for saving money and running away from the paps'.

Earlier this morning I had gotten a audition call to play Joan Jett. Joan fucking Jett, the first lead female
guitarist ,and in my opinion the greatest. If I got this role this would be a huge deal. Who was I to turn down a chance like this?

When I walked into the building that the casting was going to take place all I saw was Joan. There was so many people in leather,Joan hair,prop guitars and other various items. I was about the only person in there who wasn't a clone.

An hour later and I was finally called. I was previously sitting next to some chick with a bad shag who
was practicing her lines. I think she was trying to look cool while saying 'Joan Jett' repeatedly but just came off looking like a Elvis Presley wannabe.

A nice looking middle aged woman led me towards the casting room. I could hear the blood rushing through my head which seemed to be in sync with me heartbeat. Thump....thump....thump...
It just kept getting louder and I just wanted it to stop. I didn't know how to handle stress. I'm sure you could see that through my interviews. But I'm awkwardly adorable right...right?

I walked.....well more like stumbled into the room. I instantly collapsed into the chair. I tried to slow down my breathing like I saw in a yoga video once. I needed to calm down now.

This always happened to me at auditions. No matter how prepared or unprepared I was. I looked around the room immediately noticing that there was only one exit. Wow,paranoid much Kristen?

I was unprepared for when Joan Jett walked into the room. She swaggered into her seat and sat down, not with the grace or poise but something that was strictly hers that oozed bad-ass.

“Hi Kristen. I'm Joan. For the part I would like to know about your singing abilities first. So if you could sing a few versed from a song would be fine.” She spoke in that raspy voice of hers.

Once I got over my awe of being in the presence of a legend I sung a couple of verses from The Pretty Reckless-Miss Nothing because I was pretty sure that my voice wouldn't crack.

When I was done Joan looked quite pleased. I was just waiting to get out of there. I don't like closed off spaces. Makes me sweat.

Joan took out a stapled stack of paper that I presumed was a script and handed it to me. “The producers have already got the part of Cherie covered and really wants you to read a couple of lines with her,”She rolled her light green eyes”No big. Just a test to see your compatibility.”

Just the the door bursts open and in walked Dakota Fanning. I was definitely unprepared for that.


I really really like this pairing and wonders a lot why there isn't a lot of fanfics for them I got tired of reading the same thing over and over so I decided to make some.

P.S. Don't worry about me not updating. I find this pairing easier to write about but don't expect epic chapters. But do expect a chapter once a week.


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